This is Flicks (in BETA)

Today, just now actually, we’ve launched the website you hold in your hands: Flicks.

Flicks is your friendly UK-wide cinema guide. Our aim is to bring you every cinema, every movie, and every showtime nationwide – helping you find what you want to watch and where to watch it.

I hear a question in the back, “Are you launching a cinema guide in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown while cinemas are closed?” Yes, yes we are. Unusual? Perhaps. Smart? Unlikely. Bold? That’s how we’d like to frame it.

This is a BETA site. It’s just the beginning. Today is equivalent of the studio logo and musical fanfare at the start of a movie. It’s not even the beginning, it’s the beginning before the beginning.

We’ll be getting Flicks ready over the next few weeks and months for that glorious moment in the future when cinemas are open and movies are back up on the big screen. In the meantime, you can read our opinionswatch the latest trailers, or sign-up for future announcements.